Rules Of Our Own

J wilder

Somehow, I’ve landed myself a do-over and this time we aren’t screwing it up. This time, I don’t want her all to myself. This time we're going to share.


The second the Boston Bruins star forward steps out of the villa bathroom, looking like a god in nothing but a low slung towel…I should turn around and beg for a different room.

When his tall, dark and broody teammate walks in offering to share the villa…I should run.

And when they offer me one weekend of no strings attached fun…I should absolutely say no.

But I’ve never been good at doing what I’m supposed to.


Three nights wasn’t enough. Not when I still wake up dreaming about her. About them.

Imagine our surprise when our new neighbor ends up being the girl we’ve both been obsessing over.

This time, we won’t lose her.

This time, things will be different.

This time…we’re ready to share.


They're mine to own, possess, consume. They just don't know it yet.

Rules Of Our Own is an interconnected standalone NHL Hockey Romance with a MMF why-choose style HEA.

Forced proximity, bi-awakening, where the guys are obsessed with her as they are with each other.


Rule Breaker, #3

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