Need You Now

She saved him when he needed her. Now he’ll save her too.

After making a tragic mistake that nearly cost him his brother, his reputation, and his sobriety, playboy Seth Kincaid wants nothing more than to hide the secrets of his past. When he hears that his sometimes-secret fling—and his guardian angel in high-heels—Lacey Sutton is injured, he’s determined to repay her by stepping up to take care of her.

But Lacey is off limits. She’s Seth’s best friend’s little sister.

Even if her sassy banter, wild temper, and gorgeous curves are the best kind of addiction.

Event planner Lacey Sutton has time for only one thing in her life: her job. She doesn’t have time for relationships, or injuries that could cost her the party of the century. And she definitely doesn’t have time for cocky country singers with ocean-blue eyes, broad shoulders, and chiseled jaws.

Love is not on Lacey’s carefully planned agenda. Even if the way Seth looks at her, has her wanting to let him into her guarded heart.

However, their close confines soon transform their attraction from lust to love. But when Seth’s superstardom calls him back to Nashville—and reality—Seth and Lacey must face the truth about themselves and their secrets, or they’ll risk losing what they never knew they needed: each other.

Need You Now is the third book in the Nashville Star series. It’s a full-length second-chance country romance with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a happily-ever-after guaranteed. Content and trigger warnings: references to drug abuse and eating disorders.


Nashville Star Series, #3

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