Moonlit Temptation

They say everything happens in threes.

Good luck and misfortune.

I got fired, inherited my late-grandmother's house, and moved across the country all in a weekend.

I thought I would get a reprieve, eager and excited to spend my summer with my cousin.

But no one warned me the rule of three could apply to men.

The charming playboy.

The enigmatic stranger.

The grumpy single dad.

Known collectively as the St. James men. And the most coveted bachelors in all of Rosewood. They run the Rosewood Reapers, an allegedly reformed motorcycle club. I find myself irresistibly drawn to all three of them in a way I can't ignore.

So I don't.

The only problem is, there are more secrets than people in this town. And I fear there's one that could shake our very foundation.


Rosewood, #1

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