Mistletoe Kisses

The last time I saw broody, gorgeous, son-of-a-billionaire, Lincoln Porter, was Christmas Eve…right after I got publicly dumped by his best friend…

Imagine my surprise when he told me my ex never deserved me….right before kissing me!

That was eight years ago and I haven’t seen him since. Okay fine I haven’t been home either.

As far as I’m concerned, I could go another eight years without the holiday explosion of garlands and mistletoe, holly and tinsel. I avoid Christmas at all costs. My idiot ex ruined the holidays for me. To make matters worse, everyone sided with him. Including my parents.

Everyone but Linc that is.

But now, instead of spending the holidays on a warm sandy beach, devoid of jolly men in red suits, my job is sending me home…back to Faith, Virginia. A town often compared to a holiday snow globe.

Where the owner of the mouth I ran away from still lives… Damn him and that knowing cocky smile.

So here I am, my career on the line. In the one place I swore to never return. And what do you know, Lincoln Porter still has those wide, broad shoulders and the devil’s own smile.

But I’m not staying. When I ran, I left behind a cold and dismissive family and a small town where I never felt like myself. But this broody, billionaire says he should have given me a reason to stay last time.

No way I’m letting him tempt me into staying now.

Or will I?

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