Kayla in Paris

"I'll rock your world. If you let me. I'll rock your entire universe."

KAYLA: Raise your hand if you've ever found out your American football player boyfriend of four years was cheating on you... via a scuzzy daily gossip show... right before you two were scheduled to go on an all-expenses-paid vacation to Paris that was supposed to include a marriage proposal!
Nobody else? Just me?
So maybe you'll understand why I'm crying in first class on the second leg of my flight to the City of Lights.
And why I accept a glass of champagne from the rough-talking Brit sitting in the seat originally assigned to my ex...
And why I don't say no right away when he boldly proposes a “universe rocking” one-night stand after we deplane Paris.
But I'm going to say no.
I mean, I should say no.
Shouldn't I?

"Don't say no, Kayla."

MICK: Don't say no, Kayla.
I’m headed to Paris with one intention: proving to my London-based football team that if they won’t pay the pounds it takes to keep me on, I can and will accept a better offer in euros.
But I didn't expect to meet an intriguing American on the flight who hates pro athletes and has no clue I'm a world-famous footballer. I’m charmed before I know it, and suddenly this trip becomes less about contract negotiations and more about getting this sweet-natured lass in my bed.
Just one taste—that's all I crave. But will one taste truly suffice?
And what will happen when—if—she discovers who I really am?

Will this Soccer & Prejudice romance between a ruthless, rough-talking Brit with an ultra-famous celebrity secret and a sweet-as-pie American with a huge distaste for pro athletes end in a Seine-sized river of tears or a love that sparkles like the Eiffel Tower? Discover whether one sexy night in Paris can change everything in this spicy and delicious standalone contemporary romance.


Ruthless Magnates, ##1

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