In the Wreckage

Love is a difficult thing to find when you have superpowers.

Captain Jamie Callahan got a new lease on life when he survived a chemical attack that turned him into a metahuman. Now he leads Alpha Team, the Metahuman Defense Force’s top strike group, a position that puts him at odds with his elite political family. Determined to do his duty, Jamie’s commitment to his team creates a loneliness that is increasingly difficult to ignore.

Staff Sergeant Kyle Brannigan is a sniper with secrets. Seconded to Alpha Team, he finds himself torn between his desire for Jamie and his desperate need to fly under the radar. But Jamie is everything Kyle wants, and Kyle is everything Jamie’s family doesn’t approve of. Defying regulations to be together risks a passionate affair turning into a scandal that could cost more than just their careers. When a mission goes south and betrayal puts Alpha Team in jeopardy, Jamie and Kyle must choose between doing their duty and giving up each other.


Metahuman Files, #1

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