Cruel Promise

I haven't seen my best friend's brother in years...
Until he sneaks up behind me during my first day at college and says, "You shouldn't have put yourself back on my radar, princess."

To notorious bad boy Tempest Callahan, I was the overlooked best friend, an annoying sidekick to his baby sister who trailed behind him and lurked in the shadows, eavesdropping on his every delicious word.

But I didn't know his secrets when I admired his gorgeous face and his Adonis body. I had no idea how damaged he was on the inside while appearing so charismatic and unattainable.

It never occurred to me that during one of those evenings when I followed behind him, what I witnessed would make him want to kill me.

Now we're older and at the same college ... and he's determined to make me succumb to his pain.


Titan Falls, #1

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