Broken Dreams

What could possibly go wrong fake dating the gorgeous single dad in a small town?
The answer is falling for him.

It started out perfect. Grady Whitlock needed a plus one for his business meetings and I needed a date for a wedding. We had a plan.

A good one.
Until it wasn’t.

I was not supposed to have feelings for him. I was not going to let my heart race when his soulful blue eyes stared into mine. No way would I notice his smile or the dimple on his right cheek or his strong arms when he holds me close. Especially I wasn’t going to melt when I see him play with my daughter.

Most of all I was not going to sleep with him.

Nope. None of that was supposed to happen, but it did.

Now I find myself dreaming of him every night. Wishing we were really a couple because the way he kisses me doesn’t feel like it’s pretend.

But we’ve both experienced broken dreams and I can’t handle another broken heart.


Whitlock Family, #2

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