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ARC Approval Process
Please note that we are only able to distribute a set number of ARCs per title and unfortunately can’t approve all applicants.
Ensure that you are currently caught up with reviews of ARCs that you’ve received from us in the past and that you properly fill out the entire form as incomplete forms are not accepted. This includes direct links to your blog, review sites, and/or social media platforms where you review. All accounts must be public to be approved and your links should be updated regularly. If you’re a part of our Master List and need to update any links, email


When sorting through applicants, we’re looking for reviewers/influencers with strong engagement rates, dedicated followings, and regular posting activity of bookish content. We’re specifically looking for thoughtful, spoiler-free reviews rather than just ratings. It depends on the release as to what the specific metric requirements are. All ARC signups are for digital copies only. If approved, it will be sent directly to your Kindle (or NetGalley if specified on the signup). We will not email you the file.


 All signups are closed three weeks prior to the release date. ARCs are scheduled to be sent two weeks before the release, unless specified by the author.

Once the signup is closed, we cannot add additional Influencers to the list.