Valentine PR & Literary Management is a boutique firm at the forefront of author and publisher services. With years of experience in best practices for promotion and a drive for discovering new avenues, increased visibility and sales has never been more within reach.


*Full-Service New Release Packages

We handle ARC distribution and schedule blitzes, takeovers, pop-ins, parties, and bespoke packages for optimal new-release awareness.

*Bespoke Releases

Occasionally an author chooses to reward long-time fans and/or influencers with packages that include physical ARCs and gifts. We help craft every moment of their experience.

*ARC Team & Bookstagram Management

From sign-ups to double-checking the timely posting of reviews, our team will ensure yours functions smoothly.

*Access to our in-house Bookstagram, Audio Review, IGTV Teams, and Influencer List

We recognize that the methods of discoverability are constantly evolving, and offer several options for reaching as wide an audience as possible. 

*Access to our dedicated online Party Room

A vibrant online community of avid readers is integral to word-of-mouth advertising, and we’re confident that ours is active and enthusiastic, thanks to our unique prompts and posts.

*National and local Media Placements

Our exclusive contacts span multiple industries and platforms, from websites to print to podcasts, local and national radio and television spots to connect you to new audiences.

*Blurbs, Taglines, Ad Copy, and Synopses

The most effective sales tool in your arsenal is a well-crafted, cohesive branding of your book’s tropes and tone.

*Graphic Design

From teasers to ads, readers expect beautiful, evocative graphics to convey the atmosphere and excitement of a story, which our designer expertly provides for avenues from reader groups to Pinterest–and everything in between.


Marketing experts agree–the number one way to connect with and build your audience is via a monthly newsletter, which we can provide with built-in cross-promotion opportunities.

*Website Design

Unique, surprising, effective. Providing your readers with an experience that  showcases your brand.


*Access to exclusive ARCs and giveaways

From your favorite one-click authors to exciting new voices, we represent the romance you love to read.

*Goodreads Management

We recognize Goodsreads is a vital part of your publishing experience. We offer Goodreads management services.

*Workshops and Trainings 

Practical tips and tricks for growing your reach and adjusting to the ever-changing online landscape.

*Live Q&As  

Our Influencer Room is more than a place to find new releases–it’s a dynamic network of like-minded, passionate promoters.

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