I fall into an underground world of luxury and sin.

There are threats everywhere.

The only man who can save me is the most dangerous of all.

WONDERLAND contains the complete trilogy including King of Spades, Queen of Hearts, and Ace of Diamonds. Step through the looking glass to the other side.

"A sinfully delectable dark romance with raw, vulnerable characters and dangerous twists that parallel to one of the greatest adventures of all time." - USA Today bestselling author Trisha Wolfe

"An engrossing, sexy, steamy ride that captivated me from the first word to the last. Nick is beautifully possessive and Lyriope is incredibly strong. When these two get together, it’s nothing short of amazing." - USA Today bestselling author TK Leigh

"Wow, wow, wow! Dark and impossible to put down. I’m addicted! Captivating and delicious! Alta is now of my favorite authors." - USA Today bestselling author Charlotte Byrd

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