The Dragon's Forbidden Sacrifice

As a fae, she’s meant for one of her own kind. But when she falls for a dragon, she will sacrifice it all to be with her forbidden love…

Years ago, fairy princess Marigold fell in love with a dragon shifter—a forbidden affair which resulted in her being disowned and exiled. Doomed from the start, the budding relationship was shattered when a dragon consumes her true love. The beast adds insult to injury by stalking Mari day and night, taunting her by watching her with the eyes of her soulmate who she can no longer reach.

Dragons need female sacrifices to tame their beasts. But those females are supposed to be human and not fae. Trapped in his animal form after falling for a fairy, dragon shifter Rhyol struggles daily with his beast to set him free to return to the fairy he loves.

When trouble at home brings an unexpected invite for Mari to return to her people and her land, she’s finally ready to give up on any chance of Rhyol breaking free of his dragon. But when he learns of her decision, Rhyol will move between heaven and earth, crossing the veil between worlds to take back his life and the fairy he loves.

If you love alpha male shifters, fated mates, and steamy romance with a touch of 80’s nostalgia, then you don’t want to miss The Last Dragons series!


The Last Dragons, #6

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