The Curse Keepers

When the keepers meet for the first time, the gate will be opened.

Two little rules have kept me safe since my mother died protecting me: always trust your instincts and forget everything about the curse.

But when I accidentally activate an ancient catastrophe I’ve spent my life running from, breaking the seal on the gates of hell and ripping the lost colony of Roanoke back through time and getting the attention of a vengeful god in the process, rules go out the window.

I can barely keep myself alive, and now somehow, it’s my responsibility to save all of humanity?

We’re screwed.

My only hope is to learn everything I can—everything I should have already known—from my fellow Curse Keeper—Collin-effing-Daily. Collin can lay on the charm when he wants to, but he’s made it clear he’s not happy I’m a novice at all of this. Unfortunately, I feel a pull to him I can’t chalk up to supernatural powers. My instincts beg me not to trust Collin, but I’m out of other options.

We have seven days to save the world, and the clock starts now.


The Curse Keepers, #1

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