Prince of Vice

He's a dark, decadent mafia prince worth billions.

Every woman's dream...

and my own, personal nightmare.

Arrogant, ruthless, and let us not forget

on trial for murder,

he is the epitome of trouble.

Normally I wouldn’t have taken such a difficult client,

But money talks.

And in his case?

There's almost too much of it.

I’m supposed to be defending him,

But it’s him who starts breaking down my defenses.

Now I’m living at his mansion,

the lines between client and attorney are starting to blur,

and so are my feelings toward him.

He’s awakening dark fantasies inside of me,

and I’m exploring things that feel as dangerous

as they are exciting.

My name is Isabella Moretti

and Primo Maldonado

is my new vice.


Boston Bloodlines, #1

Release Date