Prince of Chaos

He’s a mafia prince turned strait-laced businessman,
Boston’s golden boy...
and my new warden.

Cold and calculating,
he cut his brothers at the knees
and now intends to end the mafia’s reign.

Our paths should have never crossed.
But then Daddy dearest tried to sell me to his brother
and I got caught in the crossfire. Literally.

Now he’s keeping me under lock and key.
I want my freedom.
And he? He wants his new, shiny pet.

Under the goodie two shoes persona is still a very bad man.
A leopard cannot change its spots,
and this predator is going to swallow me whole if I'm not careful.

Thing is, he doesn’t live as clean a life as he pretends
and I’m not against a little blackmail to get back home.

My name is Lulu Manuel
and Giovanni Maldonado
will feel my chaos.


Boston Bloodlines, #2

Release Date