Olympic gold is within their grasp, if they can stay afloat in the sea of feels.

Jacob is drowning.
Nineteen and a first-time Olympian, he’s in over his head.
And the water’s only rising as he crushes harder on his tattooed teammate.

Sebastian cost his team the medley relay gold four years ago.
He won’t make the same mistakes at this summer’s Olympics.
Mistakes like falling for another swimmer at the Games.

Jacob needs all the help he can get.
His mentor Sebastian can provide it.
But when the irresistible rookie asks for his heart, Sebastian is the one left treading water.
He wants the gold. He wants Jacob.
If he can’t find a way to win both, he’ll sink.
And take Jacob and the rest of the team with him.

Take a tattooed bad boy and an adorkable rookie, put them on the same Olympic medley relay team, and watch the heart-eyes fly in this friends to lovers MM sports romance.


Changing Lanes, #2

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