Mafia Lust

I shouldn’t be attracted to him...

JJ Kane. Billionaire CEO. Ruthless villain. Supposed boss of the underworld.
The first time I set eyes on him I hated him with a visceral intensity that took me by surprise.
Considering he gave me a roof over my head when I had nowhere else to go, I should be grateful.
Instead, I can’t seem to stop baiting him.
He's also my boyfriend’s father. Twenty-six years older than me.
And strictly off limits.
He goes out of his way to avoid me, treats me like I don’t exist... also gives me a job in his office, and protects me from my boyfriend's anger.
Now he’s also my boss, so I definitely can’t afford to antagonize him.
Yet we can’t seem to stop fighting every time we meet.
That is until he kisses me...

This is an enemies to lovers age-gap forbidden romance between an arrogant mean CEO and a strong-willed, confident young woman who’s determined to live life on her own terms. This book is a stand alone.


Arrange Marriage, #9

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