Loyal Vows

I thought I knew evil.
I thought I knew love.

But here, locked within the rotting walls of an abandoned manor, something much darker unfurls—something that makes my previous life seem like a childhood fairy tale.

Morgan, Rio, Xavier.

Each one a jagged puzzle piece that somehow fits perfectly into my shattered life.


The man I can't figure out, yet the one who holds the key to the riddle that surrounds us all.

In this house, every whisper becomes a scream, every touch leaves a burn. We share secrets, tangled sheets, and rituals too dangerous to utter aloud.

When Rossi lays a choice at my feet—one that could either save us or doom us all—I realize how precarious loyalty can be.

We've sworn vows, some in blood, some in tears.

I thought I was ready for the fallout.

I was wrong.


This is Book 2 of a why choose duet. It is highly recommended you indulge in Book One, Broken Beauty, first.

With each of them, a different shade of darkness beckons...

The professor.
The stalker.
The disgraced athlete.
The psychopath.

We will break her.


Titan Falls, #3

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