King Hunt

When love is the only play that matters…

Agents Bishop and Marshall know:
The clock is ticking.
They control the most dangerous pieces on the board.
Sacrifices will be required to win the game.

Levi and Marsh need to:
Get home to each other and their son.
Fall asleep in each other’s arms again.
Start living the happily-ever-after the rings on their fingers promise.

What began as a marriage of convenience is now the rock Marsh and Levi cling to as they enter the endgame.
But defeating two kings is no easy feat.
They’ll have to make all the right moves and lure their enemies to their side of the board where they have the advantage.
But winning may cost them everything—their careers, their lives, and the love that’s become the center of their world.

King Hunt is the final book of the Perfect Play trilogy and should be read after Dead Draw and Bad Bishop. This swoony, single dad, marriage of convenience romance matches two mature, competent men and delivers the happily-ever-after they both so deeply deserve.


Perfect Play, #3

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