High Value Target

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Nicole James, comes a new ex-military, bodyguard romance--

The Heiress to a Texas oil fortune and the bodyguard assigned to protect her--
Tinsley Wyatt is the only daughter of one of the Lone Star State's wealthiest billionaires.
When her father's business dealings put a target on her back, he hires Tri Star Securities' best operative, Grady Steele.

She's a drop-dead-gorgeous, stuck-up socialite.
He's an ex-military, good ol' boy with a southern accent.
She's temptation personified, intent on seducing him, but he's just as determined to keep things professional.

When blackmail and intimidation turn deadly, she'll need him more than ever, and he'll cross any line to save her.


Tri Star Securities, #2

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