Forgive Me My Sins

I’m not supposed to fall in love with my husband. It’s not part of my plan.

Forgive me.

Those were the first words Santos Augustine spoke to me before we sealed an unbreakable oath. A contract signed in blood binding me to him as payment for my father’s sins.

Wearing the mask of legitimacy, this powerful crime family has returned to Avarice to punish those who have wronged them and take what they’ve always been denied, a place among the elite.

Forced to marry my enemy, I’m thrust into his world of secrets and betrayals.

My husband is a dangerous man. And he has dangerous enemies. But it’s when I’m attacked that his fury is unleashed.

It’s then I see what it means to belong to Santos Augustine.

And although I know the safest place for me is in his bed, I can’t let myself fall in love with my husband.


The Augustine Brothers, #1

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