Eye Candy

Don't trust lust at first sight. A “bubbly and sizzling rom-com” with a light love triangle and an absolutely swoon-worthy hero.

Every morning, a gorgeous mystery man jogs by Jacqueline Butler’s office window, tempting her to break her “no dating” rule. She’s good with ogling him from afar, but her best friend-slash-colleague Vince Carson suggests she do more than stare—he wants her to ask the runner out.

Vince knows his best friend Jackie better than she knows herself, and the last thing she needs is a date with a pompous, swole jackass. But after being friend-zoned big-time, Vince can’t exactly ask her out himself. Encouraging her to pursue a guy who is all muscle and no substance will not only get Jackie off the bench, but will also open her eyes to the fact that Vince is the right man for her.

Vince takes Jackie on practice dates, promising to help her hone her skills, but can’t resist edging the fake romance into reality. After a ridiculously epic kiss, Jackie sees a sexier side of Vince, and suddenly anything is possible…


Real Love, #1

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