Daring Devlin

I make my own luck.

Abandoned as a child, I was raised by bookies and gamblers, but now I run a profitable restaurant and live in a high-rise. My life may be subsidized by the mob, but it’s a damn good life for an orphan like me. Or it was until I trusted the wrong people…

Bloody and beaten, I stagger to the nearest house and fall into the arms of waitress-slash-good girl, Rena Lewis. I recognize her from work. She’s quiet, alert, but I bring out her wild side. In fact, I’m beginning to suspect she’s not such a good girl after all.

Never one to be tied down, no one’s more surprised than me when Rena awakens my protective side. While she’s sharing my bed and I’m planning our future, I realize that protecting her from the “bad guys” could include me. Love, as it turns out, doesn’t always mean saying you’re sorry. Sometimes it means saying goodbye.


Lost Boys, #1

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