Craving Caden


My plans of becoming a hotshot attorney have gone up in flames thanks to a street race that landed me in the hospital and rattled my brain. My physical injuries have healed, but my voice hasn’t bounced back. I’ve all but given up…until Tasha Montgomery reawakens every competitive bone in my body.

I have to have her, but none of my usual tricks are working. Every time I try to speak, my formerly silver tongue trips over my palate and collides with my teeth. You try to sound smooth with a stutter. Tasha insists on helping me, saying I’m “lucky” to be alive. I’m not so sure.

Then, during a session, she kisses me and every word rolls off my tongue perfectly. Turns out going a round or two with her fantastic mouth and I’m as good as new. I could get used to this kind of “therapy.” Tasha in my bed is healing my voice, but she’s also healing a part of me I’ve been ignoring for years: my heart.


Lost Boys, #2

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