Cask Strength

FBI agent Aidan Talley has been hiding parts of himself since he was a teen. Thirty years later, he’s hiding his heart from his partner. He’s already lost the love of his life once, and Jamie could be that kind of love again. He won’t survive the loss a second time.

Cyber agent Jameson Walker left behind a promising sports career to keep his sexuality out of the spotlight. Now, he must return to his old life, as a coach, to bust an illegal gambling ring. He needs his partner, but after refusing to hide how much he cares for Aidan, they’re as far from partners as they’ve ever been.

Jamie struggles undercover. Not with the job, but with deciding which life he wants when it’s over. Aidan wants Jamie to choose the present, but to convince him, he’ll have to drop the act and stop hiding. And even if he wins Jamie back, even if he rescues Jamie after the case takes a dangerous turn, the secret Aidan doesn’t know Jamie’s keeping could blow his world apart.

Romantic suspense and sports romance collide in this swoony second book of three, now in its second edition with a new cover and formatting and extended content.


Agents Irish and Whiskey, #2

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