Beneath the Surface

Lily Adams ran away and never looked back. She got herself clean, and lives a sober life, working hard to give her son a good home in a place where they’ll be safe.

It’s been years since she left Sugarlake, and the last thing she’d expect is her brother sending someone to find her.

Mason Wells is the best private investigator in Tennessee. Tasked with the mission of hunting down Lily Adams, he knows he’s the perfect man for the job. At least, he thought he was, until he actually finds her.

Immediately Mason feels a pull. A need to know the perky dark-haired woman and the son she loves more than the world.

Before he can stop himself, he’s inserted himself into their lives, fake name and all, and even though he tells himself it’s temporary, every day he spends with Lily, the weight of his secrets bear down on him more.

When Mason’s past catches up to him, putting Lily and her son’s life in danger, he knows he has to do something major to keep them safe.

Even if it means breaking both their hearts and losing them for good.


Sugarlake, #4

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