Beneath the Hood

Jackson Rhoades has a perfect smile and a broken heart. When he gets offered his dream job in Hollywood, he packs up his shattered pieces and leaves Sugarlake for good.

He thought he was hired to restore classic cars, but instead his new boss tasks Jackson with keeping an eye on his unruly nineteen-year-old daughter.

Jackson agrees reluctantly, not realizing doing so will change his life forever.

Blakely Donahue is one of the biggest influencers in North America. She’s followed by millions, but has never felt more alone. Obsessed with counting calories and drowning under the pressure of perfection, she’s barely holding herself together. When her father’s new employee starts hanging around, Blakely can’t help but feel a pull.

Jackson is ten years older and entirely off-limits, but he’s the first person to look beyond the surface and see Blakely for who she truly is. Before either of them can stop it, they’re crossing boundaries and breaking all the rules.

They know better than to get too close, but for some reason neither can stay away.

Even if it destroys everything.


Sugarlake, #3

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