Barrel Proof

Aidan loves Jamie and wants the bright future he was robbed of before. But the blowback from Aidan’s late husband’s dealings and the secrets everyone, even Jamie, kept from him threaten to burn Aidan alive. He needs a break from it all if he wants a future—a forever love—to come home to.

Jamie hates that Aidan is on assignment without him, but he protects his partner’s back by following leads on Renaud, the terrorist responsible for making Aidan’s life hell. Jamie catches a major break, only to discover Renaud is connected to the very place Aidan is on assignment.

As threads come together, so do allies: an army at Aidan’s back, Jamie at his side where he belongs. Aidan won’t let Renaud steal another good man from him. And Jamie is willing to put his own freedom and career on the line to make sure Aidan gets the future and happily ever after he deserves.

Aidan and Jamie fight for each other and their future together in this final book of three, now in its second edition with a new cover and formatting and extended content.


Agents Irish and Whiskey, #3

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